Dumbledore’s Army of New Paltz

Club Constitution

Mission Statement

Dumbledore’s Army of New Paltz is SUNY New Paltz’s chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. We are dedicated to decreasing “world suck,” while upholding the values the Harry Potter series teaches. We work on campaigns, both with and without the HPA, in an effort to fight real-world Dark Arts. We aim to provide a fun, safe environment for our members to work on our charity campaigns, socialize, and share their love for the Harry Potter series through our weekly meetings and events.

If you are interested in learning about how our club works or running for an E-Board position, you’ll find all the information you need on the following pages.

  1. E-Board
    1. Required to attend all E-Board meetings.*
    2. Required to attend all club meetings.*
    3. Required to attend all club events when possible.**
    4. Expected to help other E-Board members with their duties where responsibilities may overlap, or just to be friendly (working together is encouraged!) however, each position does come with its own unique responsibilities that should always be tackled by the appropriate E-Board member first.
    5. Expected to maintain a level of professionalism and friendliness with all other E-Board members and club members.
    6. Keep the passwords to the club email, website, tumblr, etc. confidential
    7. At the beginning of each new school year, the previous year’s E-Board will act until such a time as a new election has taken place (second or third meeting).
    1. ALL E-Board MEMBERS:

*If you are elected to E-Board, you are allowed to miss three E-Board meetings or club meetings a semester with a legitimate excuse (i.e. being sick). For academic absences, advance notice of at least a week is required. Again, if you think that you will need to miss more than this, please think twice about running.

**This includes fundraisers and promotional events that will most likely take place during hours not dedicated to club meetings or E-Board meetings.

  1. President/co-Presidents
    1. The President must abide by the Constitution and uphold the Mission Statement.
    2. The President must lead the club and maintain a professional relationship with the Harry Potter Alliance as well as keep up to date with the current campaigns when they coincide with our abilities, ideas, and resources.
    3. The President is responsible for taking attendance of E-Board members at E-Board meetings, club meetings and events. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will take over this responsibility.
    4. The President will be responsible for maintaining a schedule of club and E-Board meetings and events that will be available to E-Board members. It is advisable to use a calendar format either digitally or on paper.
    5. The President must know how to fill out official forms for the Student Activities and Union Services and the Student Association, as well as being required to attend the instructional session provided by the Student Association every year.
    6. When the situation arises, two co-Presidents may be elected. They will share all Presidential responsibilities equally. In this circumstance, no Vice President is necessary.
    7. If a Yule Ball Assistant is not elected, President will act as an assistant to Yule Ball Chair.
    8. President should have adequate communication with other e-board positions (especially Yule Ball chair) outside of e-board and regular club meetings.
    9. The President must be awesome.

  2. Vice President
    1. The Vice President must assist the President in maintaining a relationship with the Harry Potter Alliance and keeping up to date with the current campaigns.
    2. The Vice President must know how to fill out all official forms for the Student Activities and Union Services and the Student Association, as well as being required to attend the instructional session provided by the Student Association every year.
    3. The Vice President is available to share all Presidential responsibilities.
    4. The Vice President must be awesome.

  3. Secretary
    1. The Secretary is responsible for taking thorough notes during E-Board and club meetings.
    2. The Secretary sends recap emails after each club meeting, summarizing that meeting’s activities.
    3. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the gmail account, responding to queries when able, and informing the President of any important emails and correspondences.
    4. The Secretary will be expected to run one charity event.
    5. Secretaries must be awesome.
  4. Treasurer
    1. The Treasurer must handle all monetary requests going to the Student Association.
    2. The Treasurer must keep track of all forms from the Student Association.
    3. The Treasurer must keep a running spreadsheet of the club’s budget.
    4. Treasurer must also know how to fill out all monetary request forms.
    5. The Treasurer is required to attend the instructional session provided by the Student Association every year.
    6. The Treasurer will be expected to run one charity event.
    7. The Treasurer must be awesome.

  5. Public Relations Officers
    1. There should be two Public Relations Officers elected every year. Public Relations Officers must split up their duties evenly and fairly.
    2. Public Relations Officers are in charge of making the club and its activities known to the campus community.
    3. Public Relations Officers create and post flyers for club events and update the Facebook page.
    4. Public Relations Officers are responsible for speaking to local businesses whenever necessary.
    5. The Public Relations Officers will be expected to assistant run one charity event.
    6. Public Relations Officers must be awesome.

  6. Historian
    1. The Historian must take photographs of meetings and events and post the photographs on the appropriate platforms (website, Facebook, tumblr).
    2. The Historian must be awesome.

      7. Liaison (Elect Depending upon semester)

    1. The Liaison will be used as a diplomat for any interactions Dumbledore’s Army has with other clubs.
    2. Liaison will attend any E-Board meetings, social events, or any other relevant events that are necessary to maintain a good relationship with other clubs.
    3. The Liaison will relay information between E-Boards whenever necessary.
    4. This is an optional position, or can be a sub-position for the Council of Organizations Representative or another Executive Board member.
    5. The Liaison must be awesome.

      8. Council of Organizations Representative

    1. There may be up to two Council of Organizations Representatives. The Representatives may take turns attending the bi-monthly meetings.
    2. Representative must attend all Council meetings and take notes to be shared with the rest of E-Board during E-Board meetings.
    3. The Council of Organizations Representative must be awesome.

      9. Trainee

    1. Trainee will watch and learn at E-Board meetings, but will be prepared to cover for any absent E-Board member. Trainees need to therefore be aware of the Club Constitution and all of the responsibilities of all E-Board positions.
    2. The Trainee will do any work that does not fall into any other specific E-Board position.
    3. The Trainee should also be aware of the House Points system and do their best to record points based on meeting attendance, etc.
    4. The Trainee will maintain the club’s website.
    5. The Trainee must be awesome.

      10. Yule Ball Chair (depending on semester)

    1. Yule Ball Chair is in charge of leading all Yule Ball meetings up to the event.
    2. Chair will provide updates on Yule Ball to keep other members of the E-Board in the know.
    3. Chair will be in charge of running Yule Ball and all it entails (providing food, music, decorations, etc.)
    4. Chair will speak with other members of E-Board to make sure everything will be running smoothly.
    5. Chair will not be able to hold other e-board positions.
    6. When the situation arises, two co-Chairs may be elected. They will share all chair responsibilities equally. In this circumstance, no Yule Ball assistant is necessary.
    7. Chair must hold a monthly meeting with President, Vice President, and Yule Ball Assistant to ensure all information is up to date.
    8. Chair should have an open form of communication (facebook page/group chat) with updates throughout the planning process.
    9. The Yule Ball Chair must be awesome.

       11. Yule Ball Assistant (depending on the semester)

    1. Yule Ball Assistant can hold another e-board position.
    2. Yule Ball Assistant will help Yule Ball Chair as the Chair sees fit.
    3. Yule Ball Assistant will run Yule Ball meetings in the case that a Yule Ball Chair cannot make a meeting.
    4. Yule Ball Assistant must be awesome.
    1. The first line of action for any unconstitutional actions will be an official reminder from the President that the member in question is not performing satisfactorily.
    2. The second line of action is to formally speak with the E-Board member at an official E-Board meeting. This must be recorded in the minutes of this meeting.
    3. If the unsatisfactory behavior continues, a replacement must be elected following typical election protocols.

    1. It is the responsibility of each E-Board member to attend and contribute to E-Board meetings with ideas and information gathered since the last meeting.
    2. A location for weekly meetings should be FUSE-ed early in the semester by the President or Vice President.

    1. If for any reason an E-Board member needs to vacate their position during the semester or before the second semester begins, an election for that position will be held during the next club meeting following an email alerting all club members to the open position.
    1. Candidates may run for multiple positions.
    2. Prepare a short speech letting club members know why you would be a good choice for the position and why you would like to be a part of E-Board.
    3. E-Board members are elected by anonymous majority ruling while those running step outside of the room. The current president is in charge of counting the vote and announcing the winner.
    4. Once the elections are complete, the E-Board is set for the current school year. Elections will take place again the following fall.
    5. In order to run for President or Vice-President, you have to have been a member of Dumbledore’s Army E-Board for at least a full semester previous to the election. These positions will be elected by the E-Board.

    1. All members are expected to behave in a friendly and cordial manner towards other members.
    2. See penal code if this code of conduct is violated.
    1. Separate planning committees may be formed in order to organize major events during the year (i.e. Yule Ball Committee and Quidditch Tournament Committee).
    2. The E-Board may nominate one E-Board member to head this board, or a regular club member may volunteer. It is the responsibility of this person to organize a board and schedule meetings.

    • 15 points if you arrive at an event early to set up.
    • 15 points if you stay late at an event to clean up.
    • 10 points if you mention an event on your tumblr, blog, twitter, and/or Facebook
    • 5 points for wearing house colors to a meeting!
    • Some meetings will be competition based. Points will be awarded to the winning House (1st- 100 points, 2nd- 75 points, 3rd- 50 points, 4th- 25 points)
    1. House points are awarded to members who achieve any of the following:
    2. House points can be given out at the discretion of the President.
    3. The House Cup will be awarded during the last meeting of the spring semester. The prize for the winning House will be determined at the beginning of the year and put together by the E-Board.
    4. E-Board members may earn House Points during events that they are not taking the lead on. House Points can also be earned by E-Board members making posts about Dumbledore’s Army on their personal social media pages. Official club pages (Facebook, Tumblr, website) do not count because they are the E-Board’s responsibility to maintain anyway.
    1. Any club member or E-Board member may propose an amendment to the club constitution.
    2. Amendments should be brought to the attention of the E-Board, who will discuss them at the next E-Board meeting.
    3. Amendments will be voted on and will pass with a two-thirds majority vote.



Email: hpanewpaltz@gmail.com

Website: danewpaltz.yolasite.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/345090118085/

YouTube: DumbledoresArmyofNP

Tumblr: danewpaltz.tumblr.com

Twitter: @danewpaltz

Instagram: @danewpaltz

Harry Potter Alliance Website: www.thehpalliance.org

Harry Potter Alliance Facebook: search “The Harry Potter Alliance”

Harry Potter Alliance YouTube: thehpalliance

Harry Potter Alliance Tumblr: thehpalliance.tumblr.com

Harry Potter Alliance Twitter: @TheHPAlliance

Harry Potter Alliance MySpace: The Harry Potter Alliance


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