Gryffindor: 740Hufflepuff: 645Ravenclaw: 590Slytherin: 530House of Awesome: 0
House points are awarded to members who achieve any of the following: 
- 15 points if you arrive at an event early to set up.
- 15 points if you stay late at an event to clean up.
- 10 points if you mention an event on your Tumblr/Blog, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook*
- Some meetings will be competition based. Points       will be awarded to the winning House (1st- 100 pts,   2nd- 75 pts, 3rd- 50 pts, 4th- 25 pts).
- 5 points for wearing house colors to a meeting!

*Screen shot the comment or mention and send it to! These points are awarded for a limit of one comment on a blog post or per one mention of an event on each of the platforms listed above. 

Please bring any of these to the attention of the Trainee, as they will be keeping track of the house points. 

House Cup 2010-11
Ravenclaw: 139
Gryffindor: 132
Hufflepuff: 16
Slytherin: 5

House Cup 2011-12
Gryffindor: 287
Hufflepuff: 184
Ravenclaw: 151
Slytherin: 148

House Cup 2012-13
Slytherin: 550
Gryffindor: 485
Ravenclaw: 448
Hufflepuff: 407

House Cup 2013-14
Gryffindor: 1079
Hufflepuff: 1010
Ravenclaw: 966
Slytherin: 903
House of Awesome: 40

House Cup 2014-2015
Hufflepuff- 960
Slytherin- 610

House Cup 2015-2016
Ravenclaw- 2163
Hufflepuff- 1432
Gryffindor- 982
Slytherin- 692

House Cup 2016-2017
Hufflepuff- 875
Ravenclaw- 806
Slytherin- 643
Gryffindor- 608


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